Pavement Management

The City of Rogers’ Pavement Management Program is designed to track the condition of City streets and to outline the costs associated with regular street maintenance projects including reconstructions, mill and overlay, concrete and storm sewer repairs, and utility relocation.

Proposed 2019 Street Projects


I94 Overlay Project

9.6 miles of the existing pavement on I-94 from the I-494/I-94 interchange in Maple Grove to TH 101 in Rogers will be resurfaced. Project includes a new interchange to the east of Brockton Lane in the City of Dayton.

Pavement management-kelley.JPG

Kelley Lane

Kelley Lane is a rural roadway located on the south side of Territorial Road just west of Main Street. The roadway is experiencing severe alligator cracking along its entire length. The street is proposed to receive a full depth reclamation and new bituminous surface.

pavement management-northdale.JPG

Northdale Blvd

Located just west of TH 101 and north of South Diamond Lake Road, the project includes a mill and overlay for the southern portion of the roadway and a full depth reclamation for the street north of 137th Avenue North. Northdale Blvd is part of the Municipal State Aid system and state aid funds will be used to correct two existing 90-degree curves that currently do not meet guidelines to receive state aid funding, while the remaining portion of the roadway will be funded using pavement management funds and possible assessments for the addition of curb and gutter.

pavement management-johnmillessdrive.jpg

John Milless Drive

Located on the north side of Industrial Blvd and just east of Main Street, John Milless Drive is experiencing pavement deterioration that includes moderate to high severity of transverse and longitudinal cracking. The street will receive a full depth reclamation and new bituminous pavement and striping.