There are a number of options for recycling and disposing your yard waste, electronics, organics and other materials.

Battery Recycling

Rogers Public Works and the Rogers Community Room have a bin that accepts house hold batteries for recycling.

Rogers Public Works: 22350 South Diamond Lake Road


Rogers Community Room: 21201 Memorial Drive


Curbside Recycling

The City of Rogers contracts with Randy’s Environmental Service to provide curbside recycling collection every other week for all residents. Carts are available in 65 gallon size or call Randy’s to request a 95 gallon cart. State statute requires that recycling is maid available to all Minnesota residents. Residents pay for this service as part of your Rogers utility bill.

Collection Schedule

Recyclables are picked up every other week. Download the 2019 Pick Up Calendar for details.

Accepted Items

  • Aluminum beverage cans

  • Mixed mail and office paper

  • Boxboard ie: cereal, cracker, shoe boxes

  • Fax paper

  • Envelopes

  • Computer paper

  • Holiday Lights

  • Aluminum beverage cans

  • Metal food cans

  • Glass bottles and jars (all colors)

  • Plastic containers and lids (#1-#7) ie: pop, juice bottles, milk, water

  • Aseptic and gable-topped containers ie: juice & milk cartons, juice boxes

Not Accepted Items

  • No plastic bags

  • No egg cartons

  • No Styrofoam

  • No pizza boxes or soiled paper

  • No mirror, window or plate glass

  • No ceramic or porcelain

  • No toys, dishes, flower pots

  • No plastic hangers

  • No motor oil jugs

  • No metal car parts

Organics Recycling

How it Works

  1. Discard food waste and food-soiled paper from meals, your refrigerator and the pantry into a kitchen compost bucket, separate from your other household trash.

    • Use any sturdy washable container such as a kitchen compost bucket.

    • Consider using the 3 gallon Blue Bag Organics 100% BPI Compostable liner to line your compost bucket. Do not use plastic shopping bags or other kinds of plastic bags.

  2. Empty your kitchen compost bucket into the 13-gallon Blue Bag Organics BPI-certified bag. All your household’s organics go into that special Blue Bag Organics liner.

  3. For trash day, hand tie the Blue Bag Organics liner and place it inside your regular garbage cart for curb-side pickup.

  4. Randy’s will separate all Blue Bag Organics from other trash at their facility.

Get Started

Contact Randy’s Environmental Services to start organics recycling at 763-972-3335. or visit Randy’s website.

More Information

Contact Rogers City Hall at 763-428-2253.

Electronic Recycling

Hennepin County Drop Off / Recycling Center accepts many different electronic materials such as:

  • Computer disks

  • DVDs, CDs and Blu-ray discs

  • Flash drives and Secure Digital (SD) memory cards

  • Game cartridges

  • Ink jet and laser toner cartridges

  • Plastic cases and jewel cases

  • Video and audio cassettes and tapes

  • Vinyl records

  • Visit the Hennepin County Drop off page to learn more about the nearest location and fee's for recycling electronics.

Yard Waste

The City of Rogers has contracted with Lynde & McLeod, Inc. who operates the Maple Grove Yard Site, to allow Rogers residents to dispose of yard waste material.


Rogers residents may obtain an annual permit for $25 that will allow for the disposal of material at no additional fees. Permits can be purchased at Rogers City Hall.

Non-permitted residents will be charged on a quantity basis. Pricing information for non-permits are listed below:

Month Item Cost
All Minimum Charge $5.00
April - May grass, leaves, brush $9.00 per cubic yard
June - September grass $14.00 per cubic yard
June - September leaves, brush, logs $9.00 per cubic yard
October - November grass, leaves, brush, logs $9.00 per cubic yard
April - November clean black dirt $12.00 per cubic yard
April - November sod and dirt mix / clay $16.00 per cubic yard
April - November aggregate (under 2") $16.00 per cubic yard
April - November square bales of hay $2.00 each
April - November 33 gallon trash bags $1.25 each (June - September is $2.50 each for grass)
April - November extra large trash bags $2.50 each (June - September is $5.00 each for grass)


All material must be de-bagged at the site and bags removed. Biodegradable bags are not accepted. Lawn and Garden waste is accepted (includes leaves, grass, plant material, straw, apples, wood chips, sand and brush up to 10 inches in diameter). Material 10 to 22 inches in diameter will be charged $8.00 per cubic yard.


The site is located at 10300 Maple Grove Parkway, Maple Grove. More information can be found at their website.


Site Hours

The site is open from April 1 to November 30. Hours are Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm and Sundays from 11:00am to 7:00 pm. The site is closed during Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving Day.

Other Disposal Options

Rogers residents can properly dispose many options for free at the Hennepin County - Brooklyn Park Transfer Station and Recycling Center.

Click on the video below for Kare 11’s behind-the-scenes tour to see the good, the bad and the ugly of a single-sort recycling facility. As it turns out, most of us are sticking the wrong stuff in our curbside bins.


Recycling Resources