Residential New Construction

Picture of new home construction.

Picture of new home construction.

This Permit is required for:

  • New home with water and sewer

  • New home with septic

  • New townhome


Minnesota State Building Code inspections are performed by Metro West Inspections. Builders wishing to set up inspections for Building Code requirements can call Metro West Inspections at 763-479-1720.

City of Rogers staff inspects all Non-Building Code standards. These standards are unrelated to the building, and include the following:

  • Driveway Installation

  • Boulevard Tree planting

  • Drain Tile installation and inspection

  • Final Grade Inspection

  • Sod Installation

  • Driveway Apron Installation

  • Curb Stop Inspection

  • Sidewalk Panel replacement inspection


The following standards must be met in order to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy. If the minimum requirements listed below cannot be met at the time of Final Inspection an escrow will be charged to obtain the Certificate of Occupancy. When standards have been completed, please contact the Rogers City Hall to schedule an Escrow Release Inspection. When all Non-Building Code standards have been met, the escrow will be returned to the fee holder.

  • First Final Inspection for escrow release = Free

  • Second Inspection = $25

  • Third and Additional Inspections = $50

This money will be deducted from Escrow funds



During the submission of an application, an electronic pdf or tiff document must be submitted in a resolution that is readable for the following documents:

  • Site Survey

  • Plans to Scale

  • Energy Certificate of code compliance

  • Poured Wall Details

  • Septic Design and County Approval (if new home includes septic)


  • Match approved grading plan. Handed out with every approved building permit. Also available at City of Rogers Public Works Department.

  • A final grade inspection should be scheduled with the City of Rogers before sodding takes place. Please provide As-Built Survey of lot 2 weeks prior to sodding.

  • A minimum of 2% slope should be established to promote uniform drainage away from home

  • Grades may not exceed 4 to 1

  • Water cannot negatively impact neighboring properties


  • A drain tile inspection must be scheduled with Rogers Public Works during open trench installation (24 hour notice).

  • A locate wire must extend along the entirety of the drain tile

  • Discharge at house must have a 2” air gap and the drain tile needs to extend 6” above grade

  • Drain tiles should connect to common drain tile line or daylight in approved location

  • Daylighted drain tiles must be capped with ¼“ holes drilled in cap

  • Must use hard pipe


  • Trees must be a minimum of 2.5” in diameter. (See Residential Construction Standards Book provided with Building Permit for placement instructions and approved trees.)

  • Two trees for regular lots

  • Four trees for corner lots


  • Sod must be installed on entirety of lot

  • If builder wishes to seed, the builder will need to obain a lawn seeding permit and meet those requirements. (Permit also provided with building permi detailed plates)


  • Curb Stop must be keyable and to grade

  • Curb Stop must have a locate wire

  • Curb Stops placed within driveway must have 10” top section of valve box


  • Driveway must be constructed with non-granular material (concrete, bituminous, or brick)

  • Driveways may not be placed within the drainage and utility easement

  • Driveway in cul-de-sac “bulb” may not exceed 24’ in width at the ROW line

  • Driveway not within cul-de-sac may not exceed 32’ in width at the ROW line


  • Side walk panels that are damaged must be replaced


  • A concrete apron shall be installed between sidewalk and curb. (If sidewalk present)


  • During Construction, site must comply with NPDES Construction Stormwater Regulations. Violation notices will be emailed to builder.

  • Builders must install erosion control best management practices before any ground is disturbed. Silt fence or bio logs may be used, and must be maintained to ensure their functionality.

  • A temporary construction access of crushed rock must be installed.

  • Streets and sidewalks must be swept free of debris and dirt daily. No tracking of mud will be tolerated on public streets.

  • Garbage/construction debris must be disposed of properly, and cannot negatively impact neighboring properties.

  • Sidewalks may not be used for storage areas or portable toilets.

If any of the above items are not remedied after initial contact from a City representative, a Stop Work Order may be issued to builder at the City’s discretion.

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