Residential Building Permit

Picture of deck.

Picture of deck.

Residential Building Permits are needed for:

  • Addition to a house or garage

  • Finished basement

  • Deck or Porch

  • Remodel (retaining walls higher than 4’ fall under this category)

  • Egress window

  • Shed over 200 square feet in floor area

  • Solar

Permit Requirements

An electronic copy (pdf, tiff document) of the following are required for submission:

  • Plans to scale

  • Site plan when applicable

  • List of materials (when applying for deck permit)

The permit will be denied if the file is not submitted as a high resolution (readable) document.

Apply Now

Create an account and log into the Rogers Permit Portal. Choose “Residential Building Permit” as the application type and fill in the form to apply.