Tent Permit

Picture of event with large tent.

Picture of event with large tent.

All commercial tents require a permit. Tents larger then 401 square feet on residential property requires a permit.


Permits will require a site plan, floor plan with tent set-up, documentation of fabric from tent company. The floor plan should include location of exits, location of fire extinguishers, if sidewalls will be present, etc.


  • Commercial up to 3 tent and/or membrane structures (as defined by the State of Minnesota Fire Code) (the fee includes one (1) re-inspection) will be charged $75.00.

  • Additional re-inspections

    • 3rd Site inspection: $75

    • 4th Site Inspectionp: $125

    • 5th Site inspection: $175

  • Tents on residential properties will not be charged a fee.


Apply for a permit online by visiting the Rogers Permit Portal , create an account and choose “Tent Permit” as permit type. Applications can also be completed by visiting City Hall.

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