Social Media Scams

Rogers Police have taken several recent reports of Scams that are occurring on Facebook. Scammers will use your information (Friends, Likes, Hobbies) to take advantage of you. You will see posts from your friends of content or winnings that they had nothing to do with or even posted on their own facebook page.

Things to be aware of

• It’s not that easy to get free money (That’s why it’s so tempting to click on the link).

• If they are asking you to follow instructions, take a survey, or download software.

• If you have to like something before moving forward.

• If you are asked to wire money to take care of the upfront costs to get your winnings

• Free gift cards, Free credits for games FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE!!!! (Nothing is FREE!!) Don’t Click

These scammers are clever and will use your friend’s information to try and get to you. If you are suspicious contact that friend or business and ask if they sent it to you. Chances are they did not or are victims of the scam.