Door-to Door Peddlers & Solicitors


For your safety, remember the following:

  • All peddlers and solicitors are required to obtain a permit from the city.

  • All peddlers and solicitors must be reasonably courteous manner at all times, and must immediately leave private property when requested to do so by the occupant or owner, and must not engage in offensive, obscene, or abusive language, nor may the permit holder make any untrue statements to the people contacted regarding the purpose of the contact or the goods and services offered and must be otherwise law abiding. 

  • Do not let a peddler, solicitor, or canvasser into your home for any reason, even if they have a permit.

  • Ask to see their solicitor permit. All registered solicitors, peddlers, and persons working for those registered shall wear an identification sticker issued by the city, and all transient merchants shall display a registration permit issued by the city.

  • No peddler or solicitor shall enter into or upon any premises or attempt to enter in or upon any premises wherein a sign or placard bearing a notice such as "No Solicitors" or "Peddlers or Solicitors Prohibited" is located, or any similar words prohibiting entry. Additionally, no peddler or solicitor shall enter into or upon any premises where they have previously been informed by the resident that their presence is not welcome or permitted in the future. Any sign prohibiting peddlers or solicitors shall serve to prohibit all such actions.


  • Acts of merchants or employees in delivering goods or services, where the resident authorized the contact via contract, invitation, or request.

  • Children, age 18 years or younger, soliciting for school-sponsored activities, or for such organizations as the scouts or little league where the children are members of the organization and where the proceeds of the sale are mainly devoted to the benefit of children.

  • Solicitations for donations, money, or financial assistance for an organization that is philanthropic, religious, political, nonprofit, or educational in nature, or selling or distributing literature or merchandise for which a fee is charged or solicited on behalf of such an organization.

  • City-approved festivals, community celebrations, farmers markets, fairs, etc., are exempt from the requirements of this article.

Please help make neighborhoods safer by promptly reporting unlicensed solicitors, or any other suspicious activity, to the Rogers Police Department by calling 911.

For more information, please see the City of Rogers Peddlers, Solicitors and Canvassers code:…/ro…/codes/code_of_ordinances…