Small Cell & Wireless Communication Facilities

An application is required for wireless facilities and small cell sites if located:

  • in public right-of-way

  • on private or public property



Before any building permit or zoning application is applied for, the applicant of a wireless communication facility or small cell site must complete and submit the Pre-Application to the City of Rogers Public Works Department.

The Pre-Application does not require a full set of plans, rather is intended to collect generic information about the project. After a quick review, the applicant will be advised on the appropriate type of facility or structure that will be recommended for approval.

The goal of the Pre-Application is to streamline the process and make this efficient for both the City and the applicant.

For small cell facilities, the City has “Small Wireless Facility Design Guidelines” that should be referenced.

Wireless communication facilities must conform to the “Wireless Communication Facilities” and “Right-of-Way Management” ordinance.