The Vial of Life and Rogers Registery are available to Rogers residents to help assist in the Rogers Police and Fire Department in an emergency.

The Vial of Life program lists medications and other information that first responders can use in the case of emergency. Simply fill out the form, place it on the front of your refrigerator and place a red sticker in a prominent place in a window or door so first responders will know they should look for the form.

The Rogers Registry gives first responders information on where they might find a key for your residence or who they can contact to obtain entry. This is meant for people of any age that live alone in case of a fall or any other incident where they might not be able to call for help.

Forms for both programs are available by visiting the Rogers Police Department, Fire Department, or Senior Center. This information is shared only with first responders from the Fire and Police departments.

Call 763-428-0939 with any questions.

Picture of a Stethoscope

Picture of a Stethoscope