About the Rogers Tennis Club

Picture of Rogers Tennis Club logo

Picture of Rogers Tennis Club logo

The City of Rogers has been working towards an agreement for a public/private partnership for a tennis center since June of 2014 on the land north of the ground storage reservoir north of the Rogers High School athletic fields.

In June of 2014, the Park Board recommended amending the Master Park Plan to include a tennis center if an agreement could be reached with the group known as Ultimate Tennis. As part of the process the Park Board approved the site plan for this improvement in the park.

The key deal points are as follows:
* The City of Rogers will provide a parking lot, a pad ready site, and sewer and water stub to the footing line.
* Ultimate Tennis will purchase the land that the building sits on (a requirement of their bank), build and operate a 7 court indoor tennis facility.
* Upon proof of payment of the City portion of property taxes, the City of Rogers will pay Ultimate Tennis the same amount back to Ultimate Tennis for access to the facility for recreational programming.

The construction of the tennis center will require significant private investment to become a reality. Rogers citizens will be able to access and utilize the space with the time that will be programmed through the Parks and Recreation department. Currently, staff would be looking at programming that would allow for open tennis times similar to open skating or open gym, Pickleball leagues and tournaments and beginner tennis lessons to name a few. Additionally, we would be able to program other court activities such as basketball, volleyball, and badminton to name a few. Annually staff will meet with representatives of the tennis center to schedule time and events at the center. The current estimated cost for the parking lot is $160,000, which would come from the Park Dedication fund. Outdoor tennis courts without lights currently are being built for approximately $80,000 per court. For the investment in the parking lot the community will have access to seven indoor courts and court space year round.

The agreement gives the City of Rogers the ability but not the requirement to purchase back the land in the future. Ultimate Tennis agrees to use the facility for recreational purposes that the City of Rogers approves of.

Picture of Upper and Main Level Plans

Picture of exterior design for Rogers Tennis Club