New Lawn Water Exception Permit

Picture of wet grass blades.

Picture of wet grass blades.

Sprinkling Restrictions

To insure adequate water supply for fire protection and meet the seasonal peak water demands, the City of Rogers has implemented on-going odd/even sprinkling restrictions. Homes with even numbered addresses may sprinkle on even numbered days, and odd numbered addresses may sprinkle on odd numbered days.

New Lawn Exception

For new lawns that are seed or sod, you are eligible for a 30 day exemption permit available at no charge. You would then be exempt from the odd-even restrictions for unattended watering during the first 30 days following planting.

Apply Now

Create an account and log into the Rogers Permit Portal. Choose “Mechanical / HVAC ” as the application type and fill in the form to apply.


Call Public Works at 763-428-8580

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