Rogers Event Center Coming Soon!

Concept design of Rogers Event Center

Concept design of Rogers Event Center


About the Rogers Event Center

The vision for a centralized park building began 15 years ago when the Rogers Lions Club began donating funds to the City of Rogers for community building in Triangle Park (now Lions Central Park). Over time, that vision evolved as fundraising efforts such as Rockin' Rogers Days experienced increasing success.  This was the start of the Rogers Event Center project.  Focusing on community-based rental options and City gathering space, the Event Center addresses existing rental space issues and provides a designated location for public events. The existing Rogers Community Room (attached to the Fire Station), one of the primary rental spaces in the City, has seen a change in usage over the years. Events are often turned away because of scheduling conflicts. Currently, the Community Room also serves as the primary space for City/public meetings and events. Planning for the actual Event Center building construction began as part of Triangle Park master planning efforts led by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission.  The final design is a result of collaboration by the Lions Central Park Task Force which includes the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission, representatives from the Rogers Lions Club, City Council representatives, City staff and consulting architects. The Event Center will be located in Lions Central Park (formerly Triangle Park) on Main Street, just south of Downtown Rogers, a centralized location for community gatherings.  To date, the Rogers City Council has approved preliminary designs and provided direction to City staff to negotiate a contract for construction administration.  Construction may begin this summer and is anticipated in taking 4-6 months to complete.

Rogers Event Center Planned Amenities

The Rogers Event Center will provide a range of amenities to meet the needs of a wide variety of events. As depicted in the floor plan above, the building features a lobby area which will serve as a welcome area/concession area for events such as Entertainment in the Park. This area will also include over-sized bathrooms to meet the needs for events in the main hall (primary indoor event space) as well. The capacity of the hall will welcome events ranging from business meetings to weddings and other private/public events. The Event Center will also feature a smaller meeting area which will accommodate approximately 20-25 people, a full-service kitchen with additional storage areas, an area which can serve as a coffee & wine bar.  Future improvements to Lions Central Park are expected to include outdoor amenities such as a formal garden for wedding receptions, outdoor fireplace/seating, and potentially an outdoor stage.