What To Do After A Motor Accident


Drivers Submit Report

Any driver involved in a motor vehicle accident must submit a completed Minnesota Motor Vehicle Traffic Accident Report to the State of Minnesota if:

  • The accident involves injury or death to a person, or

  • The total damage to all property or vehicles involved in the accident exceeds $1,000.00


Notify your insurance agent of the accident as soon as possible. In most cases your agent will assist you in preparation of your Minnesota Motor Vehicle Accident Report form and will advise you on the financial and civil matters related to the accident. If not given at the time of the accident, the driver shall give upon request and within 72 hours thereafter to any person involved in the accident or to a peace officer investigating the accident the name and address of the insurer providing automobile liability insurance coverage and the local insurance agent for the insurer.

Obtain your Accident Report

You or your insurance agent may obtain your accident report report by contacting the police department.


Even if there may be no apparent injuries, you and your passengers may wish to consider a medical examination by a doctor.


Police officers, upon investigation, may issue citations for violations for traffic laws or ordinances. Such citations may be issued at the accident scene, through the U.S. Postal Service or by personal delivery at a later date.

Towed Vehicles

If your vehicle is towed from the accident scene, it was towed either to a location of your choosing or to Burda’s Towing. In some cases, a police hold could be placed on the vehicle. In these cases, a vehicle release form will need to be picked up at the Rogers Police Department.

To pick up vehicles you will need:

  1. proof of insurance

  2. valid driver

  3. proof of ownership of the vehicle

Vehicles cannot be released to someone other than the owner. Most vehicles are towed from accident scenes because they are not operational, are blocking traffic and/or in an unsafe location. In these cases, you will not need a release form and you should contact your insurance agent directly about the next steps to take.

Accident Exchange Form

During an accident, a Rogers Police Officer may give the driver an accident exchange form. This has information on the other driver(s) and vehicle(s) involved in the crash. It also contains the police department case number. Use the information to complete the required State Accident Report Form. The officer will give you that form, or you can pick one up at Rogers Police, or you can submit the report by visting www.mndriveinfo.org.

Mail Minnnesota State Accident Report Forms to:

Driver and Vehicle Services
Accident Records
445 Minnesota Street, Suite 181
St. Paul, MN 55101-5181