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We’re upgrading our water meters!

Water Meter Upgrade

The City of Rogers is upgrading its water meter equipment with more advanced metering technology that will positively impact the environment and the City’s ability to accurately and efficiently serve your water needs. Rogers has contracted with Utiliuse to perform the metering upgrade. 

Where will technicians need to replace the water meter equipment?

Technicians will need to access the inside of your home to install a new radio transceiver and possibly install a new water meter.  Someone 18 years of age or older is required to be present during the upgrade.  Make sure your water meter is unobstructed and accessible.  Please keep pets contained during the installation.

How long will the upgrade take?

Water meters that have been installed within the last few years are compatible with this technology; however, older meters which are not compatible with new and future technology are being replaced. Your water service may be temporarily disconnected if the existing meter needs to be replaced.  This process should take 45 - 60 minutes to complete.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Visit www.utiliuse.com/rogers or call 1 (844) 257-7806 to schedule your appointment.  Time slots will be available Monday through Friday, in one-hour increments between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. 

Who will be installing the upgraded equipment?

Meter equipment installation will be done by City staff or Utiliuse technicians.  Utiliuse technicians will be visiting properties and will be identifiable with a company vest and identification badge. City staff will be driving a City vehicle marked with the City’s logo and will have a City ID. More than likely, it will be one of the two people shown below:


Contact the Rogers Public Works Department at 763-428-8580 or the Rogers Police Department at 763-428-3450 for further verification. 

Why is my water meter equipment being upgraded?

The water meter equipment currently being used by the City of Rogers has reached the end of its useful life.  In addition, the continued growth of the water system has required Staff to reassess the needs and service level necessary in the future for our residents and business owners.

The Rogers City Council approved SL-Serco Engineering’s recommendation on the water meter solutions.  The recommendation considered the City's investment in Sensus water reading technologies over the last ten plus years.  This investment has created a clear cost advantage, improved integration and provides future enhancements with the current infrastructure. The new Sensus meter technology will provide the following enhancements:

  • The ability to capture meter information remotely from central collection (water tower).

  • Real-time data and knowledge that provide greater customer feedback, enhanced trouble-shooting for high water users and better reporting for conservation efforts.

  • The ability to instantly obtain more readings from office.

  • More data and faster readings will allow the City to provide enhanced service and take advantage of opportunities as the community grows.

If you have any further questions, call the Rogers Public Works Department at 763-428-8580. We appreciate your cooperation and patience during this process.  Thank you!