Early History

hassan historical mapSettlement in 1854 by European immigrants brought about major changes in the landscape of what is now Rogers. Originally, as part of the "Big Woods", the areas was heavily timbered with oak, elm, basswood, ash, and maple.Large areas of marshland also existed. As settlers arrived, the woods were cleared and the land was tilled for farmstead construction and crop production.

Early on, small trade centers, known as hamlets, emerged in Hassan Township to serve the needs of the settlers. The hamlet of Hassan was first settled in 1854 and then organized in 1860 along Territorial Road in Section 21. Between 1854 and 1881, Hassan contained a clustering of houses, a post office, St. John's Episcopal Church, a school and a town hall. Today, an altered school, a church and Hassan town hall  remain. Although not the earliest settlement, Fletcher, originally named St. Walburga by German immigrants, has become the most notable. It stands at the intersection of Territorial Road and County Road 116 (Fletcher Lane) in Rogers. Fletcher is considered to be the "finest example of a traditional crossroads hamlet in Hennepin County" and is eligible to become a historic district by the Minnesota Historical Society.

Territorial Road crosses over a series of ridges, including a section that includes the highest point in Hennepin County. It was authorized by the Territorial Legislature in 1855 and identified as the "first legitimate outlet" for this section of Hennepin County. Through the years, it became a major transportation route for Hassan Township and surrounding communities "because it was maintained and it provided relatively easy access to Minneapolis markets." (Hennepin History Museum; 1995).


Rogers Today

With the recent annexation of nearby township Hassan, in 2012 , the City of Rogers has an approximate population of 12,984. 

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Demographic Data in Rogers, Minnesota

 Source: U.S. Census Bureau Decennial Census, Metropolitan Council Annual Estimates, and Metropolitan Council Forecasts


Current and Future Land Use In Rogers, Minnesota

 Source: Metropolitan Council Regional Planned Land Use Data Set




Our Community

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The City of Rogers prides itself in being a growing community with a small town feel. Our population is forecasted to grow to approximately 18,400, by the year 2030, according to the Metropolitan Council. Many different types of residential options are currently available with new developments to come in the near future. In addition to residential developments, schools, great local restaurants, and businesses available in the city, city staff across all departments (administration, finance, fire, information systems, recreation, planning, police, public works, and wines and spirits) work hard to offer a variety of amenities and services to meet the needs of residents and guests.



Looking for recreational programs to get involved with, park facilities and fields to rent, fun family events such as movie nights in the park, meeting spaces for rental (community room, activity room), community gardens, senior programs, a farmers market to buy fresh produce and more, parks to enjoy, or the Rogers Activity Center? Click on one of the many links to find out more information or visit the recreation page.

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Important Places in Rogers

Downtown Rogers: Most people envision a vast skyline when they hear the word “downtown”, however, here in the City of Rogers, the downtown area is quite the opposite. This compact area consists of long-standing restaurants, businesses, and the senior center. It is known for its historic value and central location within the city. The annual parade runs down Main Street through Downtown Rogers.

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Veterans Memorial: The Rogers Veteran’s Memorial will eternally provide veterans, their families, and our community a place to reflect and remember the service and sacrifices that have been made, and continue to be made to protect our freedom.

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Special Community Events

Thanks to the effort of many city departments and local partnerships, several community events take place in the city. Listed below are a few of the events. We offer fun events for adults, kids, and families. Don’t believe us? Ask your neighbors, who have attended some of these events!

  1. Rockin Rogers 
  2. Rockin Rogers Parade 
  3. Nite to Unite
  4. Family Fun Night

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Whether you are a resident, visitor, or business, we invite you to join us and experience what it means to be a part of the Rogers community. Our community. 

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