Behind the Big Red Fire Truck: Rogers Fire Department Puts Out More Than Just Fires

Did you know that the Rogers Fire Department handles a variety of services beyond issues relating to fire? Instead of providing an exhaustive list, here are a few of the services they provide. Fire Inspections, Response Calls, and Training. 

Fire Inspections
All commercial properties within the City of Rogers are required to meet state fire code standards. To ensure that all properties meet those standards, the fire department conducts annual inspections and responds to complaints. This includes all new construction and existing buildings. Without fire inspections, there would be an increase in fire calls due to systems not being maintained, and many other potential hazards.

Response Calls
The Rogers Fire Department responds to many calls such as fires, medicalservices, hazardous materials, natural disasters, and severe weather. Medical services top this list when it comes to the amount of response calls. Some of the common medical calls that the fire department responds to are broken bones, heart calls, and automobile accidents. Fire fighters hold multiple medical certifications such as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR and First Aid), Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), and the Rogers Fire Department has a few certified Paramedics as well.

Another type of call that Rogers firefighters respond to are hazardous materials incidents. According to the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management, a hazardous material is defined as any item or agent (biological, chemical, radiological, and/or physical), which has the potential to cause harm to humans, animals, or the environment, either by itself or through interaction with other factors. Some examples of hazardous materials are gas leaks, oil spills, and various other chemicals in our city. Fortunately, with where Rogers is located geographically, our fire department does not have to deal with hurricanes, typhoons, or earthquakes. However, we do respond to weather-related issues including, but not limited to, storms, tornados, and blizzards.

Contrary to popular belief, fire fighters are not just sitting around at the station, eating donuts, waiting for the bells to go off. Responders are continually training on a regular basis. The National Fire Protection Association sets standards for training that fire fighters must keep up with in order to maintain their certifications with the state. The department must have training for every type of possible emergency event.

Types of training include live fire, ladders, pumping, self-contained breathing apparatus, hazardous materials, confined space, water rescue and auto extrication to name a few. The Rogers Fire Department also participates in training with Hennepin County Emergency Management. Standardized training at the county level helps ensure consistency and efficiency among fire departments in Hennepin County so that when response to mutual aid requests are consitently handled. Mutual aid requests are beneficial because neighboring departments can provide assistance, and all responders on scene would be on the same page when it comes to protocol and communication.