Rogers Police Using Vitals App to Save Lives

The Rogers Police Department has accounts for Officers to use the Vitals App across the city.  Vitals Aware Services was launched in August of 2017, enhancing interactions with people living with various challenges and disabilities as well as improving Officer/First Responder safety.

Picture of Vitals App on mobile phone.

Picture of Vitals App on mobile phone.

Vitals works by equipping Officers with information that is voluntarily provided by Vital’s participants. The app is downloaded onto the officer's work cellphone and alerts them when they come within 80 feet of a Vitals user.  Vitals allows a person to register online, then wear a beacon that can take the form of a key chain, necklace, debit card, bracelet or Android phone.  The Vitals community is expanding quickly and has many members with intellectual, developmental, behavioral disabilities and other mental health conditions such as: autism, depression, dementia, PTSD, down syndrome, bipolar and schizophrenia.

Once an Officer comes within the 80 foot notification area, they receive an alert on their cell phone. Vitals provides them information on the user such as their diagnosis, medical information, triggers and de-escalation techniques for officers to better assist the user. ROGERS POLICE USING VITALS APP TO SAVE LIVES The information entered into the user’s profile may be assigned to them by a family member or caregiver. This can give individuals, in crisis, a better way to communicate with first responders, especially those that don’t always have a voice.

According to the Vitals website (www.thevitals, mental health calls have doubled since 2011. 1 in 10 calls for service involve someone in a mental health crisis.  The Vitals app has received an outstanding amount of positive feedback from families and organizations. Rogers Officers are excited to have the new technology available to them to better improve public safety and community outreach. If you are interested in becoming a user or have any further questions about Vitals, please visit, contact Sgt Darren Bohlsen (, Sgt Jeff Madson (, or call the Rogers Police at 763-428-3450.  A community meeting will be held in the near future in which a representative from Vitals will be on hand to assist anyone with questions about the program.  Stay tuned to the City of Rogers website for more information!