Right of Way Permit / License

The road right-of-way is a portion of the public street which can be used by utility companies to put in their infrastructure. A permit is required for anyone requesting permission to excavate, obstruct, or otherwise place facilities in a right-of-way. This is to ensure the health and safety of its citizens while ensuring the integrity of its streets.

Requirement for Right of Way License

  • Rogers must receive the appropriate bonding and insurance information prior to issuing a permit

  • License cost $250

Apply for Right of Way License

Create an account in the license portal and apply for the license.

Right of Way Permit Requirements

  • Right of Way License (see above)

  • Submit project drawings

  • Permit cost $150

Apply for Right of Way Permit

Log in to the Rogers Permit Portal. Choose “Right of Way Permit and fill in the form to apply..


Call Public Works at 763-428-8580