Hunting Permit

Picture of two dogs and hunter in a field.

Picture of two dogs and hunter in a field.

Hunting and discharging of dangerous weapons is allowed on private property zoned Agriculture), Agriculture Preserve, Agriculture – PUD, Light Industrial, Limited Industrial PUD andRural Estate 5 Acre. Reference the Zoning Map for where these areas are located. There is no hunting or discharge of firearms allowed on any City property or parks.


Where hunting is allowed, The following restrictions apply:

  • Within 500 feet of any building, structure, platted area, public park, public trail or public/private school.

  • On lands zoned light industrial,I if the parcel or parcels in such zoning district are contiguous on fifty percent (50%) of the parcel(s) perimeter to lands zoned RE-2, R2, R3, R4 or PUD.

  • No rifles may be discharged except for .22 caliber rim fire, or black powder rifles which are .45 caliber or larger or muskets of .40 caliber or larger, that are incapable of being loaded at the breech. (Shotguns are allowed)


Hunting and Shooting ordinance

Firearm Statutes

Hunting in Prohibited Areas

Residents, or other parties, may request in writing permission to hunt in areas where discharge is prohibited when a written application is made and presented to the Chief of Police. The hunting application must include written permission from the landowner, $25.00 permit fee, and will only be approved if the hunting can be done in a safe manner.

An example of this type of approval might be a section of land that is zoned residential, but the property is adjacent to a large wooded or agricultural area. The applicant is able to illustrate that the hunting would involve only archery, and the fields of fire are established such that the discharge would be toward the unimproved properties and with the discharge distances involved all occur on the privately owned property-and will not jeopardize the safety of others.

The Rogers Police goal is to continue to allow hunting in areas where the safety of all involved is not compromised. As the city develops though, this becomes a more challenging task. Residents need to know that as the city grows, the ability to hunt will become more limited except for those areas where based on the property use, zoning and location, it is still not only safe, but lawful.

More Information

Call Rogers Police at 763-428-3450 with any questions.

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