There are a number of options for recycling your yard waste, electronics, and other materials.

Mercury Disposal

The City of Rogers is asking Residents to please be environmentally conscious and dispose of items that may contain Mercury responsibly.  Mercury is used in a wide variety of household products, including paint, thermometers, thermostats, batteries, fluorescent lamps, disinfectants, antiseptics, diuretics and preservatives. These items release mercury into the environment and home when broken, mishandled or disposed. Proper care is important when dealing with mercury-containing products. If spilled, mercury absorbs into many household materials while slowly evaporating into the air over time, allowing for exposure. Knowing what products and items contain mercury and handling them properly will limit the risk of mercury exposure. Common products often have a simple and environmentally friendly alternative.

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Yard Waste

The City of Rogers has contracted with Lynde & McLeod, Inc. who operates the Maple Grove Yard Site, to allow Rogers residents to dispose of yard waste material. 

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